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Chaos Aletheia Physis Logos Ontos Sophia

Tensegrity is at the heart of form, stability, sustainability, energy, motion

Tensegrity at the heart of form, stability, sustainability, energy, life.

Science, art, and philosophy work together as an organic whole from which innovative solutions can emerge, driven by fundamental theoretical investigation and study that is in turn driven by the inquisitive desire to create, to discover, to invent in ways that transcend the self standing in front of the mirror.

The balance between form and no-form, between light and dark, pleroma and kenoma, is the stage upon which the drama of physis is played, the act of aletheia, the dynamics of Apollo and Dionysos, the veiled dances of Leela and Kali, We may perceive this as the interplay of solitons, tensegritons, and ultimately manifolds, fields, particles, and living beings. We may describe and refashion our world in simpler words, in complex equations and formulae, or in the stroke of a brush. We may engineer complicated marvels and uncover arcane secrets but ultimately, the deep abstractions of our universe, our "coat of many colors," opens forth into meaningfulness by the creation of living souls who breathe and love and know themselves to be humble, simple, honorable and respectful of each other. This is something we can never forget as we discover our science, craft our engineering and create our art.

Structure, substance, power, beauty, generated by chaodynamic Process.

Structure, stability and sustainability created and maintained by chaodynamic process

Please take some time to explore not only the brief remarks on this site about projects, plans and visions, but also the websites of close affiliates and the partners, sponsors, friends who have inspired and are making this work possible. Also, please learn about those organizations and people who are endorsed and advocated by IIS for their important and beneficial work. We all grow and find meaning by working together, symbiotically, synergetically, as all of Nature demonstrates.

IIS recognizes the achievements, brilliance, and capability for new great strides forward in the arts and sciences among some remarkable people and their organizations. If we have listed only a few, that is not intended to forget or omit others. We do want to hear from you, and we want to work with you. We want to do our part, to the best of our abilities, for the betterment of our world and our lives - not just in theory but in practice. Thank you very much!

Note: to learn more about new developments with regard to the parent institution, EXO Foundation, and the rest of the EXO Family and Group (The Exoplanetary Corporation and EXO Capital Fund), please visit this site:

Four Main Programs (Divisions) to the Work of the Institute

Laboratory for Emergent Adaptive Processes and Systems

Quantum Computing BioMedicine Program

aka "Quantum Computing Manhattan Project"

Ecoaduna Matrix Program

Tetrad Education Program

Of timely significance and thus at the center of our attention within the Institute is the ECOADUNA Matrix Program that we have created for taking abstract and theoretical ideas and transforming them - innovatively - creatively - sustainably - into Applied-Research Projects that are both educational and of practical real-world value to people:
Ecoaduna Matrix Program
Some of the Program's work is very timely to our national and international crises, both near-term, chronic, and long-term, and these projects specifically incorporate and include people from all levels and walks of life, with a strong emphasis upon students, youth, children, from the younget ages and school levels and up. This work is increasingly linked in with the special programs of S.T.E.A.M. (sci-tech-enge-art-math) and S.E.L. (social-ethical-learning) pioneered and conducted across the USA and soon internationally by The Healthy Heroes Alliance (S.H.A.K.T.I. Warriors curricula and activities). Special Projects through ECOADUNA include:

ASTrophysical Reconaissance Intervention and Countermeasures

Serving particularly: Planetary Safety and Defense (Astrophysical Objects and Planetary Collision)

EMP-event resilience network, providing emergency and sustainable post-EMP power and communications

Serving particularly: Power Infrastructure Resilience (EMP-focus)
Environmental build-up and particularly perma-frost release and distribution through precipitation in North America and Europe

Serving particularly: Environmental Defense (Critical Toxicity Levels and Irreversible Threshold-Crossings)
Planetary-wide, coordinated epidemiology and clinical infectious disease diagnostics and bioinformatics

Serving particularly: Global Biothreat Tracking and Response (Pandemic-focus)
An ongoing program in the fine arts with a true “STEMA” set of themes

Serving: All Institute and Foundation themes and topics
Aletheia Press
Publishing House and coordinative project for special educational and mini-conference events

About Economic Vitality and Sustainability

The Institute for Innovative Study (IIS) is developing its Endowment Fund and its Project Sponsorships. As with many non-profit, educational, and research institutions, there is a big focus upon and a need for sponsors, contributors, donors, as well as for grants, awards, and contracts.

The Institute believes in practicing the Innovation it preaches. Thus it has established a novel albeit not brand-new or original mechanism to supplement grants, awards, contracts, and contributions. This is a mechanism created first and foremost to enable efficient commercial outreach and dissemination of useful and advanced innovations to people, globally and in an affordable manner, and also as a means of supporting its own economic vitality and sustainability. Thus, a profitable Company. This business venture, owned and managed by the Institute, has been producing Results and Products for over a decade:

TetraDyn Ltd.

and from within TetraDyn have germinated, gestated and emerged the other corporate entities that comprise The TETRAD Group, itself now a division within
The Exoplanetary Corporation:

TetraDyn Ltd. ---- SenSelpha ---- iQBioProt ---- KOIN ---- EpiXaT

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