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Chaos Aletheia Physis Logos Ontos Sophia

Tensegrity is at the heart of form, stability, sustainability, energy, motion

Tensegrity at the heart of form, stability, sustainability, energy, life.

Science, art, and philosophy work together as an organic whole from which innovative solutions can emerge, driven by fundamental theoretical investigation and study that is in turn driven by the inquisitive desire to create, to discover, to invent in ways that transcend the self standing in front of the mirror.

The balance between form and no-form, between light and dark, pleroma and kenoma, is the stage upon which the drama of physis is played, the act of aletheia, the dynamics of Apollo and Dionysos, the veiled dances of Leela and Kali, We may perceive this as the interplay of solitons, tensegritons, and ultimately manifolds, fields, particles, and living beings. We may describe and refashion our world in simpler words, in complex equations and formulae, or in the stroke of a brush. We may engineer complicated marvels and uncover arcane secrets but ultimately, the deep abstractions of our universe, our "coat of many colors," opens forth into meaningfulness by the creation of living souls who breathe and love and know themselves to be humble, simple, honorable and respectful of each other. This is something we can never forget as we discover our science, craft our engineering and create our art.

Structure, substance, power, beauty, generated by chaodynamic Process.

Structure, stability and sustainability created and maintained by chaodynamic process

Please take some time to explore not only the brief remarks on this site about projects, plans and visions, but also the websites of close affiliates and the partners, sponsors, friends who have inspired and are making this work possible. Also, please learn about those organizations and people who are endorsed and advocated by IIS for their important and beneficial work. We all grow and find meaning by working together, symbiotically, synergetically, as all of Nature demonstrates.

IIS recognizes the achievements, brilliance, and capability for new great strides forward in the arts and sciences among some remarkable people and their organizations. If we have listed only a few, that is not intended to forget or omit others. We do want to hear from you, and we want to work with you. We want to do our part, to the best of our abilities, for the betterment of our world and our lives - not just in theory but in practice.

Thank you very much!

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